Caedmon Consulting’s services primarily aim to assist businesses.

These can be addressed:

  • To small and medium-sized businesses, which may be independent or part of a group, looking to outsource certain functions,
  • But also to large companies, where Caedmon Consulting can be integrated into an existing project or carry out a stand-alone mission.

The advantages of Caedmon Consulting are:

  • Flexibility in interprofessional relationships, especially in handling unforeseen situations,
  • Attentiveness in understanding the client’s needs and the potential evolution of those needs during the process,
  • Personalisation of the solutions provided to the client and continuous monitoring during the mission,
  • Interaction with both project managers and management teams,
  • Ability to work in a “time and material” or “staff augmentation” arrangement if necessary,
  • Highly competitive pricing.

The list of services offered is described in the “Operational menu” menu.