Caedmon Consulting provides quick and accurate responses in a constraining environment.

Facing ever-changing regulations, technical constraints, external uncertainties, and fragmented information, decision-makers must consider complex considerations of various kinds (legal, social, financial, and IT-related). The objective of the firm is to support decision-makers in their choices, provide them with technical or strategic assistance, and design and develop relevant solutions.

Caedmon Consulting offers services in various domains.

With extensive experience and versatile skills, Caedmon Consulting will enable you to plan and implement your projects reliably and sustainably. A comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration of your projects into the relevant activities. The solutions not only address immediate needs but also aim to be long-lasting.

Examples of covered issues:

  • Legal and regulatory (labour code, commercial code, insurance regulations, collective agreements, GDPR diagnostics)
  • Information technology (data science, data mining, numerical simulation, software prototyping, user interface, automation, mailing, development, application deployment, machine learning, cryptography, coding, steganography)
  • Social protection (health, welfare, retirement)
  • Group and individual insurance, life insurance
  • Tender organization
  • Accounting, IAS/IFRS, auditing
  • Dispute mediation, damage assessment, labour union negotiation.